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5 Tips to Stay Safe During the Pandemic

COVID SAFETY - Wear a mask

The past year has been a scary time for many and unfortunately there are some rough days yet ahead. Social distancing and remaining at home are still the best strategies. The vaccine is in distribution, however its not fool proof and there is a small chance of infection for those who receive the vaccine. While there are better days ahead;  don’t let your guard down since the long-term impact of of COVID-19 is unknown.

Below are five (5) tips to stay as safe and as engaged as possible during the remainder of the pandemic.

First, limit the number of people who enter your home. Even if you have others coming in to provide assistance, try to limit the number of unique people. Yes, it’s okay to let your wishes be known and explain that you simply want to remain safe.

Create a Safety Table at your door. For example, in my home  if someone new comes over, I suggest we mask up.  Other than those who live in your own home who are not sick, no one should enter your home unmasked.

TIP: I’ve added a small table to the front door area and added masks and some hand sanitizer.   

YES, everyone should wear a mask even if they’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine and even if someone promises they are COVID-free – you never really know.

Third, Wash Your Hands. As noted above, a safety table near your front door makes it easy to do the right thing. Encourage everyone to cleanse their hands as they enter or exit your home.

Learn to Zoom or Face Time: Socially distanced doesn’t mean socially isolated. It’s amazing how good a Face Time or Zoom call can feel with family or friends. We played a Zoom version of Family Feud on Thanksgiving and had a ton of fun. Never zoomed? Reach out to your LIFE COORDINATED® Care Advisor for tips.

Lastly, Online Groceries: Hallelujah! It’s a dream to pick out produce and ice cream on my tablet and then someone brings it to me. I’ve dreamed about this and finally its here. At LIFE COORDINATED®, we encourage the use of Grocery Delivery to minimize the time in stores and with crowds.

  • We’ve had good experiences with certain stores and delivery services. The LIFE COORDINATED® team can order groceries as part of your membership benefit.

Staying safe may sound easy, however, it’s harder without access to available supplies and support. A members-only benefit at LIFE COORDINATED® includes access to personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks and hand sanitizer.

  • PPE is kept in stock for our members and providers. Best of all, we can ship PPE right to your door.
  • Me personally, I like the KN95 masks for a little more protection and gel sanitizer with aloe to minimize chapped hands.

Use these 5 tips to stay safe, sunnier days are just ahead. We’re thinking about you.

  • Let us know how we can help.


About the Author:  Nancy C Everitt, MBA, PMP, CAPS

Nancy C Everitt, MBA, PMP, CAPS is the Founder and CEO and HEOPS Inc and CENTIPEDE Care Solutions LLC. She is an industry expert on aging in place, managed care, value-based care, and health technology. N. Everitt is a TN Supreme Court trained Rule 31 Mediator, a certified Project Management Professional and has also received a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designation from the National Association of Home Builders.
Nancy’s passion is helping to refine the ecosystem supporting the intersection of life,  health, and assistance (help)  so that people can live their best life at home surrounded by family and friends.
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