Frequently Asked Questions

LIFE COORDINATED® is a membership program designed to help members live their best life at home. We also support caregivers who may need help managing the care of a friend or loved one.

Based upon selected membership level, members have access to specially trained Care Advisors who provide guidance and help accessing services, planning, in-home design assistance, a national network of quality checked (credentialed) providers, members-only discounts so that your money goes further, helpful articles and features.

LIFE COORDINATED® is like getting a best friend who’s focused on making your life better.

LIFE COORDINATED® is a consumer brand of CENTIPEDE Care Solutions LLC headquartered in historic Franklin, TN just south of Nashville.

CENTIPEDE is a thought leader in-home services and supports and a strategic partner to health plans, employer groups and self insured employers. CENTIPEDE Care Solutions LLC is a HEOPS INC company.

Credentialing is a term used in healthcare to verify the “credentials” of a participating provider. Credentialed means that CENTIPEDE reviews and validates key items about a provider’s organization such as insurance, complaints and other criteria that have been established in conjunction with our National Credentials Committee (NCC).

The goal of credentialing is to create access to trusted resources focused on delivering high quality services. Organizations and individuals that meet credentialing requirements and have a valid contract are referred to as “in network”.

If you ever unhappy with the services delivered by an in-network provider, simply contact the LIFE COORDINATED® team and we’ll work with you and the provider to resolve any issues. Your happiness matters.

We like to think of the Care Advisor as your ray of sunshine and is your primary point of contact to help you plan and access the services you may want or need. For example, your Care Advisor can help you create a plan, recommend service providers, coordinate service providers and answer any questions you might have.

We understand that you may not be familiar with the types of services available or really what the correct design standards are for in-home modifications. Your Care Advisor is available to navigate unfamiliar waters or simply provide reassurance that you are on the right track.

CENTIPEDE and the LIFE COORDINATED team follow industry practices and regulatory requirements to keep your information safe.  There is however always some level of risk.

CENTIPEDE takes privacy and security seriously and has been certified by the Compliancy Group. Our ongoing efforts include but are not limited to  training, written authorizations, firewalls, encryption devices and other safeguards.


Yes, you can change your membership level. When you join LIFE COORDINATED® membership is for a year at a time with an annual or monthly membership fee.

If you decide to move up to a higher tier, you can do so at any time.

If you decide to move down a tier,  you will need to do so at the end of the current membership expiration.

At several of the higher membership tiers,  a significant amount of support occurs during the first 90 days of your membership such as your care plan, review of insurance coverage and often times urgent assistance to launch and stabilize needed services.

No, the direct costs of in-home services such as personal care, meals, in-home modifications are not included in your membership fee unless specifically stated. You will receive a discount off of services from “in network” providers, however you will be responsible for paying for any services you order.

Yes, LIFE COORDINATED® was originally designed to assist the working caregiver. Many of our team members are family caregivers and we are here to help you.

Caregivers purchase a membership level and then  designate someone else as the direct recipient of the services during the sign-up process.

Yes, there are funding sources available in the form of grants and loans via many federal and state programs to help individuals age in place. To level set expectations, not everyone will qualify for these grants or low interest loans. Even if you do qualify the process can be difficult to navigate. Good news, we know how this works and will help.

If you do qualify and based upon the specific program for which you qualify, the funding assistance may apply to a home you own or a home you are renting.

As many individuals have experienced during the current pandemic, remaining in your own home, when possible, enhances personal safety.

If you are interested, speak with your Care Advisor and we’ll help identify any funding assistance to support your in-home modifications. 

Some examples include Housing and Urban Development (HUD), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP),  Area Agencies (AAA), and Veteran Affairs (VA).